Are You Ready For The Ultimate Holiday Fitness Experience?

Ultimate You Fitness Escapes are here to help you reset, detox, get educated and inspire you to become the best version of yourself

Are you way over due for a holiday? 

Are you sick of the same old trips where you spend 90% of the time drunk and feeling below average, only having to come home in need of a holiday from your previous holiday? 

We want to you to take a break but one that that completely changes your life. 

One that is so unique and revitalizing that it changes your mindset, health and life flow forever! 

At Ultimate You Fitness Escapes, we have created a completely unique experience that will challenge you and positively change you for the better. 

You will experience:

  • Amazing workouts 
  • Blissful yoga 
  • Zen stress-relief meditation 
  • Volcano climbs 
  • Cooking lessons 
  • Mindset Classes 
  • Relaxing massages and more....

The truth is this type of holiday is not for everyone. 

It's truly a reset button on life and one that can make a life-changing difference. 

You will be set up on the beautiful island of Bali with full-time staff available for all your needs. You will have a luxury swimming pool for your sunbaking needs and down time, and food that will not only nourish you but absolutely energize and revitilize you in every way. 

Discover and embrace the beautiful Balinese culture and beaches while you improve yourself on every level with a group of like-minded incredible people. 

You will never regret improving and nourishing your mind, body and soul. 

It's now time to unleash the Ultimate Version of You with Ultimate You Fitness Escapes.

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